Chapter 818: Redistribution of Longevity Pills

Chapter 818: Redistribution of Longevity Pills

Throughout the course of his visit, Emperor Peafowl hadn’t given any Jiang Chen any promises or made any lofty demands. If one had to describe this visit, it was as if a lonely elder spotting a young man that happened to catch his interest, and so made a visit to make a friend. A smile appeared on Emperor Peafowl’s face when he heard Jiang Chen’s words.

“Just like you said to Ji Ole Third before Jiang Chen—destiny. In the thousand years that I’ve held sway in Veluriyam Capital, there has yet to be a single person who has so elicited admiration from me. I have nothing else to say that other than if you remain pure of heart in Veluriyam Capital, you can do as you will in the Capital. I will handle all trouble that may arise from what you might do.” Emperor Peafowl smiled faintly after saying this and pointed lightly with his finger, causing all of the scenery around them to instantly vanish—the emperor as well. Only a voice lingered by Jiang Chen’s ear, “Jiang Chen, remember to come to the Peafowl Gathering.”


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