Chapter 817: All-Seeing Eyes

Chapter 817: All-Seeing Eyes

A look of doubt colored Jiang Chen’s face for a moment, and he looked at Emperor Peafowl a little more seriously than he did before. If Emperor Peafowl really had activated the All-Seeing Eyes, then calling him a terrifying cultivator would be an understatement. A person like him shouldn’t be limited to an earthly plane like this!

Emperor Peafowl had been observing Jiang Chen all this time, and he himself was very, very surprised at the strength of the youth’s reactions. As a great emperor, he had never talked about destiny with any youngsters. In fact, most of his friends and great emperors who were close to him were skeptical when he talked about destiny. One might even say that most of them disapproved of his theory completely. Most of them saw destiny in the same way as heaven’s will. They thought that it was something that was completely unpredictable.

Emperor Peafowl might be keenly aware of the correctness of his ideas, but he wouldn’t go so far as to force his understandings down someone’s throat. However, after a thousand years of careful exploration, he had managed to summarize and create a technique that could observe destiny itself. It was true that he...

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