Chapter 816: Emperor Peafowl’s Intentions

Chapter 816: Emperor Peafowl’s Intentions

“No need to be surprised. It’s true that I wasn’t physically present at the time, but I did imbue a trace of my consciousness onto my successor’s coffin. It is this consciousness that had scanned the entirety of Veluriyam Capital.”

“Consciousness imbuement?” Jiang Chen was shocked. It wasn’t a technique that just anyone could perform. The cultivator first had to shear off a tiny shred of their own consciousness before they could imbue it onto a lifeless object. Just how powerful a cultivator must be before they could perform such a thing?

Normally speaking, it wasn’t difficult to imbue one’s consciousness onto a living object. For example, Jiang Chen often imbued his consciousness onto the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice. There were plenty of experts who knew of this technique. It wasn’t a difficult thing to perform. But the imbuement of one’s consciousness on a lifeless object was a completely different league. The cultivator literally had to tear a part of their consciousness off to perform the technique. One must understand that a consciousness separated from its host body and wasn’t supported by a living being would quickly fall apart.

Emperor Peafowl had solidified this separated piece of his consciousness, imbued it onto a...

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