Chapter 815: Emperor Peafowl

Chapter 815: Emperor Peafowl

Ji San's words had quite the impact. Though Jiang Chen had little interest in becoming someone's disciple in order to inherit their teachings, it would no doubt of great use to his future endeavors if he could create a connection to Emperor Peafowl.

"Brother, look 'ere. The Eternal Celestial Capital is chasing you everywhere right now, but if you become Emperor Peafowl’s successor, then they won't dare touch you even if you stand right at their gates. That's a big difference, isn't it?" Though it was a little harsh, Ji San’s words rang true. Emperor Peafowl had made a name for himself three thousand years ago, and his renown was spread across the entirety of the Upper Eight Regions. Even great emperors from first-ranked sects dared not antagonize him.

Jiang Chen laughed at Ji San's excitement. "Brother Ji, everything in the world follows the path of fate. It has guided us together as brothers, as it did for the serendipitous meeting with Wei Jie at Myriad Peoples City. My meeting with Emperor Peafowl is just another thread in fate's tangled web. As for whether I can become his disciple… well, we'll just let...

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