Chapter 813: Seething With Rage

Chapter 813: Seething With Rage

“How wonderful! Honored master, this really feels wonderful!” Pill King Lu Feng was in an outstanding mood. He'd been posing as Jiang Chen's attendant for the past few days while they’d gone around wrecking pill shops. He was having the time of his life and couldn't help but shout his happiness. They'd visited all the pill shops belonging to the great clans, and even the ninth rank aristocratic houses under Great Emperor Shura, sent them tumbling head over heels and left in style afterwards.

A simple brush of the clothes after a done deed, an anonymous departure, their names still hidden. This was simply the peak realm of throwing his weight around. Lu Feng didn't feel like it was a crude sham at all. On the contrary, he felt it to be an amazing pleasure. It wasn't simply the pleasure of wrecking these shops. Even more than that, it was the joy of being together with his master and immersing himself in his teacher's divine erudition in the dao of pills. 

Lu Feng had first thought his master to be a mere representative of the Deviant Pill Faction, a genius of the Deviant Pill Faction. Spending these ten days as his attendant had caused Pill King Lu Feng to deeply realize how thoroughly...

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