Chapter 812: Emperor Shura

Chapter 812: Emperor Shura

“What did you say!? The Wang father and son were captured by the Peafowl Guard?!” At Shura hall, the Moon Monarch abruptly shot to his feet when he heard his subordinate captain’s report. His face looked as dark as black bean paste.

“Yes… Captain Kong had mobilized more than a hundred Peafowl Guards, and they were all among the best of the best. They had come prepared.”

“What was their justification? They can’t have detained them without a reason, can they?” The Moon Monarch obviously couldn’t accept this outcome.

“They said that the Wang father and son stole the Longevity Pill pill recipe from Sacred Peafowl Mountain! The evidence they provided was actually quite convincing,” This captain actually started defending the Peafowl Guard in order to exonerate himself. With this proof, he could at least prove that the Shura Guard present at the scene weren’t completely powerless!

“The Longevity Pill recipe? How does it possibly belong to Sacred Peafowl Mountain?” The more the Moon Monarch heard, the more confused he became. Did they seriously believe the other party’s claims? Just like that?

“My lord, they produced a Longevity Pill of their own which was of better quality than any the Majestic Clan’s pills. Almost no one present could debunk this piece of evidence,...

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