Chapter 811: Taiyuan Lodge Is Done For Again

Chapter 811: Taiyuan Lodge Is Done For Again

Perhaps it would’ve been better if he hadn’t said anything. The crowd erupted in hisses when Wang Tong turned to them.

“Motherf*cker, piss off with your trumped-up charges! Is there anyone here  who’s unaware of your clan's code of conduct? It's one thing to be a despotic oppressor and bully the weak, but you're even a thief who colluded with foreign scum!”

“And the most despicable is selling a Longevity Pill worth two million for ten million. Even a leech doesn’t suck out the people's lifeblood like that!”

“Please, honored lords of the Peafowl Guard, you mustn't let this slimy and evil father and son duo get away with it!” The voices denouncing the Majestic Clan all of a sudden became an endless, crashing tide.

Jiang Chen's eyes were icy when he witnessed everything from the shadows. His chest was filled with elation. Weren’t you very full of it? Weren’t you quite adept at exploiting the situation to your own advantage? Weren't you counting on the Longevity Pill to make you a fortune? Then I'll use the Longevity Pill to bury the two of you and your Majestic Clan!

He had been the one to plan the entire scheme. The pieces had all fallen in line when he’d  made the decision to gift away the Longevity Pill's recipe. To begin...

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