Chapter 810: The Domineering Peafowl Guard

Chapter 810: The Domineering Peafowl Guard

Captain Kong was calm and collected. He’d long since expected the Majestic Clan to resort to quibbling.

“Everyone, we of the Peafowl Guard only ever take action when we have concrete evidence and have never acted blindly. Our capture of the Wang father and son is indicative of the fact that we have concrete evidence against them.” Captain Kong continued indifferently, “We have studied this pill for several years now, and the exact recipe is still undergoing trial and revisions. Even the pill kings of our Sacred Peafowl Mountain haven’t been able to ascertain whether these pills have any side-effects or not. That was why we hadn’t brought them out for the benefit of the public. We’d never expected these thugs to steal our formula and refine the Longevity Pill with unproven methods just to rake in money! These are the actions of a madman!”


The Longevity Pill hasn’t been tested? It’s even unknown whether there are side effects? Everyone was starting to be convinced by Captain Kong’s words. How could he have made it all up?  The Majestic clan lord laughed...

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