Chapter 809: Take Them Down

Chapter 809: Take Them Down

Still concealed, Jiang Chen was amused when he heard the Majestic clan lord’s words. The Majestic clan lord still thinks that the Peafowl Guard has nothing on them. In reality, Jiang Chen had been present for quite a while. It was just that he couldn’t make an appearance because of what would happen next. Therefore, both young master Ji San and him had disguised themselves as solo cultivators and watched the show unfold from a hidden corner. They were extremely pleased to see the Shura Guard stumped for words at the hands of the Peafowl Guard.

As for the Majestic clan lord, he was still smiling calmly, righteous in the belief that his words had demolished Captain Kong’s cause. If Captain Kong was smart, he would be taking his men away right about now. However, the clan lord didn’t see the embarrassment he expected on Captain Kong’s face. In fact, Captain Kong’s face turned chilly, “I see the Majestic Clan isn’t going to be convinced unless we show you reality! Are you still going to be remain stubborn and resist to your last breath?”

His words only confused the Majestic clan lord. Do you really understand the rules, Captain Kong? Where on earth do you get your confidence? You say that I won’t be convinced...

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