Chapter 808: The Peafowl Guard

Chapter 808: The Peafowl Guard

"Everyone, please back off ten meters!" A captain of the Peafowl Guard waved his token around. "The Peafowl Guard is keeping the peace here. Your cooperation is appreciated."

The Peafowl Guard was an untouchable presence within Veluriyam Capital. They signified the most elite forces under Emperor Peafowl's command. Any position in the Guard was hotly contested for by countless people. Most remarkably, the Peafowl Guard never disturbed any of the commoners despite their strength. They took a hard line, but were ultimately fair. Thus, they were well-loved by the people.

Seeing that the Peafowl Guard had arrived, everyone was in a cooperative mood and collectively backed off ten meters or so to give sufficient room for the guardsmen to work. Two men, whose robes gave away their identities as pill kings, stood near the captain. In particular, their garments also spoke of their status as ones who answered directly to Emperor Peafowl. Either of them were heavyweights in Veluriyam Capital's pill scene, and didn’t ordinarily show themselves in public. But now, both had appeared at the same time! 

"What’s going on?" The crowd was filled with uncertainty.

Those who couldn't...

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