Chapter 807: Whetting One’s Appetite

Chapter 807: Whetting One’s Appetite

It had to be said that the Majestic Clan's marketing was quite successful. You Laosan’s on-the-spot sampling was more effective than any advertising. Who wouldn't want to keep one or two pills like that around? Emperor realm cultivators were in the minority, after all. Tens of billions of cultivators lived within the several million miles of land that made up the Veluriyam Capital's ruled territories. How many of those had actually reached emperor realm? For the masses, being able to reach even sage realm was quite a feat already.

The Longevity Pill was suitable for anyone in the sage realm. It could extend their lives by at least five hundred years, and even up to eight hundred if the effects were good. No marketing effort was as striking as the change in You Laosan. The second free Longevity Pill was drawn. The person who drew it this time was an old lone cultivator, on the verge of cultivation dissipation. Yet again, the effects of the Longevity Pill were miraculously displayed. After he took the pill, the old cultivator in the dusk of his years regained his youthfulness in less than a quarter-hour.  

The event's visual and...

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