Chapter 806: Free Longevity Pills

Chapter 806: Free Longevity Pills

“Everyone, the Majestic Clan has been planning to open Taiyuan Lodge for many years. Unfortunately, its opening was met with many twists and turns due to some insignificant troublemakers. However, the road to good things are often strewn with setbacks, and no force was able to prevail against the tide. On this fine day, we open Taiyuan Lodge for the very first time…” The Majestic clan lord made his speech loudly, full of vim and vigor. His voice enveloped every corner of Farmer God Market. “Today, we are honored to welcome several clan lords of Veluriyam Capital to partake in our opening ceremony. Moreover, I have a piece of good news to share with you all -” The Majestic clan lord paused for a moment before continuing, “I believe you’ve all heard about the Longevity Pill, haven’t you? Yes, you guess correctly! Today, Taiyuan Lodge will officially launch the Longevity Pill!”

Cheers filled the entire scene. Of course, most of the cheering were shills hired by Taiyuan Lodge to liven up the atmosphere and improve the mood. These people felt very honored to be able to work on behalf of a great clan. Therefore, they worked hard to put on a good performance.

“Clan Lord, the Longevity Pill is unparalleled in this world! It’s said to...

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