Chapter 804: Jiang Chen Sets A Plan In Motion

Chapter 804: Jiang Chen Sets A Plan In Motion

“Clan Lord, did you see His Majesty the Great Emperor Peafowl?” Ji San asked.

“Alas, that's why I said they prepared their scheme with meticulous care. His Majesty is in seclusion right now, he'll only come out in another half a month. Half a month is enough to put us on the back foot.”

A gloomy Ji San asked, “Then does that mean we can only turn the other cheek and let them act as outrageously as they want? If no one reins them in, will the Capital ever know peace and order?”

The clan lord’s chuckle was cold and grim. “There's an even more wonderful piece of news! Tomorrow, the Majestic Clan's Taiyuan Lodge reopens for business. They chose an even more popular address and is planning on promoting the Longevity Pill as their main product!”

“What?” Ji San's face sank even further. “Are they reopening shop while stepping on Taiyan Tower's dead body? The Majestic Clan goes too far!”

Even Jiang Chen's mind went blank when he heard the clan lord. This Majestic Clan was thick-faced enough to reopen Taiyuan Lodge, and still had the guts to use the word “Taiyuan!” However, thinking on it, was there anything the Majestic Clan wouldn't do? Right now, Taiyuan...

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