Chapter 803: When Kings Fight, Vassals Suffer

Chapter 803: When Kings Fight, Vassals Suffer

Jiang Chen didn’t think that Emperor Shura would attend to him personally. In fact, he should’ve been an insignificant small fry in the emperor’s eyes. Emperor Shura had countless experts working for him, with even the soldiers standing in front of Taiyuan Tower’s door either peak sage realm cultivators or emperor realm cultivators. And those were just the normal soldiers.

The great emperor possessed countless powers beneath him, there was no need for him to personally take the field in order to act against Jiang Chen. While Jiang Chen was furious, he vaguely realized that the raid on Taiyuan Tower might not be just a simple attack on the shop. Perhaps it was an unfortunate casualty of Veluriyam Capital’s internal strife. It could be a conflict between aristocratic families, great clans, or even a tiny clash between great emperors. He and Taiyuan Tower were but small pawns used by top forces to cross swords with each other! Jiang Chen calmed down when his thoughts travelled to that point.

Although he was angry, Jiang Chen also understood that the first priority right now was to secure Shen Trifire and the Wei father and son. If those three people...

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