Chapter 802: Emperor Shura’s Interference?

Chapter 802: Emperor Shura’s Interference?

A group of well equipped soldiers stood at the entrance of Taiyuan Tower, looking like fearsome wolves. The main entrance of the door was tightly shut, and seals coldly plastered all over the door. Thankfully, Taiyuan Lodge hadn’t been marked as Taiyuan Tower’s property yet, so it hadn’t been sealed along with Taiyuan Tower. Everyone in Taiyuan Tower had been chased into Taiyuan Lodge.

Fury rose up in Jiang Chen’s heart when he saw this scene from afar. However, Captain Mo’s sharp eyes quickly discerned the soldiers’ identity, and immediately restrained Jiang Chen before he could unleash his wrath. The captain said in a soft tone, “Control yourself, Pill King Zhen. These soldiers are under the direct command of a great emperor.”

A great emperor? Jiang Chen’s mind shook. Why was a great emperor attracted by a pill force that had barely established itself not long ago? Also, didn’t the seven great emperors normally keep their hands out of Veluriyam Capital’s worldly affairs? Distress battered Jiang Chen, but was quickly surmounted by his growing anger. So what if they work for a great emperor? How can a great emperor seal my store without good reason?...

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