Chapter 801: Long Xiaoxuan’s Human Form

Chapter 801: Long Xiaoxuan’s Human Form

The Coiling Dragon Clan had no need to fear retaliation from the Murong Clan when they had sufficient evidence. Young master Ji San’s face was quite calm as he looked on as those from the Murong Clan left with resentful expressions. Only when they disappeared did Ji San address Jiang Chen, “Brother, I almost arrived too late. This Murong Clan are in-laws to the Majestic Clan and have always been their faithful allies. You’ll have to be wary of them in the future. This Murong Qiu is a petty and lecherous character.”

At this, young master Ji San glanced momentarily at Huang’er as a subtle warning. He had seen Huang’er before and naturally knew who was behind the mask. Jiang Chen flashed a wide grin. “Brother Ji, I owe you again this time.”

“There’s not need for such words between us.” Young master Ji San waved his hands as he looked towards the formation bound area, “Brother, did that bastard disturb your cultivation?”

Jiang Chen laughed, “It’s no big deal.”

Young master Ji San nodded, “I still don’t feel at ease. I’ll have Captain Mo station his men within fifty kilometers. That way they can avoid disturbing your cultivation, but will still be able to reach you if any untoward situation arises.”

Jiang Chen...

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