Chapter 799: The Murong Clan

Chapter 799: The Murong Clan

The new group of trespassers was larger than the previous. A young man dressed in luxurious clothes strutted at the front while accompanied by a bustling group of experts. They raised quite a clamor as they moved. The young man leading the group didn’t look more than twenty years old. He looked rather handsome, but the movement of his thin lips added some malice and frivolity to his appearance.

“Young clan lord, I believe that this is the place,” A hunchbacked old man with a round forehead and eagle-like eyes next to the youngster scanned their surroundings. It was obvious that he was an emperor realm expert who carried himself with natural dignity and power.

“Where’s Old Hong and the others, Uncle Tuo?” The youngster frowned.

The hunchbacked old man looked a little surprised too. He couldn’t find any clues about them despite his search. “This should be the place they mentioned in their message, but I can’t seem to sense their presences. How strange. Young clan lord, there’s someone over there. Let’s head over and ask them!”

“I’m too lazy to walk, Uncle Tuo. Just capture them and interrogate the information out of them,” The young clan lord’s tone was careless, but his words were that of...

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