Chapter 798: The Loyal Captain Zhang

Chapter 798: The Loyal Captain Zhang

A young clan lord? Jiang Chen sneered. This one-eyed burly fellow was a ruthless killer from head to toe. He'd slaughtered Captain Zhang's subordinates without even blinking, the way one would kill chickens. Jiang Chen naturally wouldn't spare a cruel and brutal man like this just because of a few words of deterrence.

“It's best if he doesn't come. If he dares come, then I can also kill him just like how I’ll kill you today,” Jiang Chen said while flashing the Featherflight Mirror. This one-eyed fellow wanted to dodge, but the Featherflight Mirror's speed was far beyond his ability to avoid. The continuous flashes didn't leave him anywhere to hide, and soon, the Mirror's glare landed on him. A lotus opened wide and, with a squish, directly swallowed him whole.

The evolution of the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice required constantly devouring food, and powerful cultivators like him were the best type of nutrients. Every time the Lotus swallowed a cultivator, it would absorb the life essence born from their cultivation, furthering its own evolution. The Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice was a sky rank species to begin with. Its shape the first time Jiang Chen had...

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