Chapter 797: Leave None Alive

Chapter 797: Leave None Alive

The obscenity of the one-eyed man drove Captain Zhang to the point of fury. "Show some manners! Pill King Zhen here is an honored guest of the lord of the Coiling Dragon Clan. Are all of you as blind as old dogs? You dare to trespass on our property and then trifle with our womenfolk!"

"Tsk tsk, you are one who’s a dog here, Zhang! Just a loyal watchdog, you don't scare me! But hey, if you want, look, I'm sooo afraid." The one-eyed man feigned fear, but his behaviour disgusted anyone who had the misfortune to see him. He abruptly burst into wanton laughter. "The Coiling Dragon Clan? I heard that it's the foremost clan of the Veluriyam Capital! Haha, how prestigious and grand! It's a shame that it’s a tower that’s about to collapse. Trying to scare Ole Hong when all the inhabitants are trying to scatter, pfft!"

"So what if you're from the Coiling Dragon Clan? What, are you gonna bite me? Who knows if that clan will even exist after this year. Who're you trying to scare, ah!?"

"A fallen phoenix is no better than a chicken. A clan that'll be ashes soon, that's what you're trying to scare us with?"

These people were clearly...

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