Chapter 795: Preparing for Long Xiaoxuan's Breakthrough

Chapter 795: Preparing for Long Xiaoxuan's Breakthrough

Ji San mused for a moment. "If you want a sparsely populated place, you'll have to go outside the city. It's hard to find somewhere like that within the walls. The Coiling Dragon Clan has countless estates in the surrounding lands, so you'll have dozens of spots to pick from.”

There were several million miles of land under the jurisdiction of Veluriyam Capital. As the foremost clan of the city, the Coiling Dragon Clan naturally had properties all over the countryside. There were many options for a secluded place. "Brother, what do you need it for?" Ji San was curious.

"Cultivation for a breakthrough," Jiang Chen laughed.

Deciding not to probe him further, Ji San simply nodded. "Then, leave it to me. When do you need it by?"

"As soon as possible. It would be best if there was a body of water nearby. A lake, maybe." Jiang Chen added another requirement.

"Easy enough. I'll go make the appropriate preparations now and take you there tomorrow. How about it?" Ji San readily agreed. To him, details like that were merely a trifle. Compared to the things that Jiang Chen had done for the clan lord, this request was negligible.

"That’d be wonderful. Thank...

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