Chapter 794: The Five Elements Augmentation Art, Success

Chapter 794: The Five Elements Augmentation Art, Success

Ji San was quite competent. In less than half an hour, he had gathered and prepared all the materials on the list.

“Clan Lord, please prepare a private room. Although the process of the treatment isn’t difficult, it requires absolute silence and zero interference.”

The clan lord nodded, “No one will dare interrupt this space without my orders.”

The method Jiang Chen had selected was called the ‘Five Elements Augmentation Art’. In his prior life, Jiang Chen had been born with a yin constitution and thus possessed an extremely short lifespan. His father had used heavenly power and utilized the Five Elements Augmentation Art to prolong his life. However, there was a difference: the art his father used was called the ‘Heavenly Five Great Elements Augmentation Art’. To put it bluntly, it was an art that literally created life force out of nothing by using the energy of the five elements within the body. This unnatural method had come at great cost.

Even someone as powerful as his father would employ it only once in a while. It wasn’t until the Sun Moon Divine Pill was refined later that Jiang Chen managed to become a mortal with a lifespan that stretched over millions of years. This Sun Moon Divine Pill had almost exhausted...

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