Chapter 793: A Way to Delay Cultivation Dissipation

Chapter 793: A Way to Delay Cultivation Dissipation

Thanks to young master Ji San’s introduction, Jiang Chen finally understood what the opening of the Pagoda meant to the Capital. The Skylaurel Kingdom also had a wishing tower that was celebrated like a national holiday every time it was opened to the public. The Veluriyam Pagoda was Veluriyam Capital’s ancient building of inheritance and totem. In every citizen’s heart, it was worshipped as their holy ground. The fact that it was opened only once per sixty years showed just how important it was to the Capital.

“Brother, I’m sure that the Pill Pagoda’s competition will be nothing to you with your pill dao talents. Moreover, there is an iron rule that states that all Veluriyam Pagoda competitors must not be older than sixty years. This also means that every person has one, and only one chance, to participate.”

“Even I can?” Jiang Chen looked surprised.

“Of course you can. You’re qualified as long as you have a legitimate identity. Even a foreigner can participate in the event as long as they acquire a legitimate identity in Veluriyam Capital first.” Ji San smiled.

“Doesn’t that make it very easy for enemy forces to infiltrate your ranks?” Jiang Chen looked curious.

“Hehe. First, there’s no point...

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