Chapter 792: Diagnosing the Coiling Dragon Clan Lord

Chapter 792: Diagnosing the Coiling Dragon Clan Lord

The Coiling Dragon clan lord laughed when he saw Jiang Cheng's and young master Ji San's surprise. “Don’t think too much on it. I accidentally obtained some of its ingredients when travelling the world in my youth, so I invited a ninth-level pill king to refine a cauldron of Sage Smile Pills. That cauldron produced seven pills. Two pills went to that pill king as his pay, while I kept the other five. I’ve already bestowed three on geniuses in the clan. These two pills are the last ones I have left.”

Young master Ji San smiled. “I took one of those previous three. Brother, there's no need to hesitate when the clan lord is gifting them to you. Take them. The clan lord has many other good things anyways!”

Without any fawning, Jiang Chen bowed at once to express his thanks. “In that case, Senior, it would be impolite for me to refuse. Many thanks to the clan lord for his precious gift!”

A burst of curiosity possessed young master Ji San, causing him to inquire, “Clan Lord, how are you even aware of me gifting my Imperial Advent Defense Talisman to my brother Jiang Chen?”

“What's so strange about that? I was the one who gave you that talisman, so it has my unique aura on it. I knew as soon as he came in. You crafty fox, just tell me if you want...

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