Chapter 791: The Coiling Dragon Clan Lord

Chapter 791: The Coiling Dragon Clan Lord

Young master Ji San sighed, “It is just that ridiculous. Veluriyam Capital is situated in the southern part of the Upper Eight Regions, and its influence envelopes the entire region. However, Pillfire City is situated in the northern part of the Upper Eight Regions, and their influence spreads through the northern, northeast and northwest parts of the Upper Eight Regions. Their pill business can only be described as astounding. They’re just as wealthy as some countries.”

Pillfire City? Jiang Chen remembered the description that went with the name in the book Huang’er had given him. However, the introduction of the place within was merely a shallow overview. He continued to stare at Boss Li, “Who did you sell those two people to?”

Boss Li said, “I’m not sure. I only know that they belong to Pillfire City.”

Young master Ji San spoke angrily, “How dare you do business with them even with the knowledge that they are from Pillfire City? Don’t you know that Veluriyam Capital and Pillfire City are sworn enemies in the pill industry?!”

“This is the decision made by my family’s superiors. My status is low, and I have no say in this matter.”

Jiang Chen and young master Ji San were both dumbfounded by his answer. They kept interrogating him, but...

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