Chapter 790: Mu Gaoqi’s Whereabouts

Chapter 790: Mu Gaoqi’s Whereabouts

Jiang Chen’s words reminded Huang’er of just such a possibility. Concern flashed across her face. Huang’er knew that Elder Shun would almost certainly visit the domains of various races or even go back to Myriad Abyss Island if he couldn’t find the Requiem Wood in human territory.

“Let’s hope the elder didn’t go back to Myriad Abyss Island,” Huang’er spoke worriedly.

“What’s wrong with returning there?”

“He’ll definitely be viewed as a traitor for taking me from the Island. His fate will be even worse than my parents’ if he is captured. My father and mother were only imprisoned within Boundless Prison but Elder Shun… he’ll be executed.” Huang’er’s voice began to tremble as her exquisite countenance turned somewhat pale.

She’d been dependent on Elder Shun through many life and death situations, so it came as no surprise that she couldn’t accept even the thought of such a conclusion. Jiang Chen lightly grasped Huang’er’s hands and consoled her with a gentle tone. “Don’t worry, Elder Shun is a man of great wisdom. He has a clear idea of what he should and should not do.”

Huang’er tried visibly to calm down and nodded lightly. She was worried that Jiang Chen would be overly concerned...

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