Chapter 787: Mutual Love, Huang’er’s Background

Chapter 787: Mutual Love, Huang’er’s Background

The news of young master Ji San and House Wei’s guest pill king, Pill King Zhen, becoming sworn brothers spread through Veluriyam Capital like wildfire. However, one of the two involved, Jiang Chen, was mysterious beyond belief. He seemed to have vanished from Taiyuan Tower. In reality, Jiang Chen was cultivating in seclusion inside House Wei’s secret base.

Ten days of seclusion later, Jiang Chen successfully broke through the shackles of third level sage realm and ascended to fourth level sage realm. He had finally become an authentic earth sage realm cultivator. Although the ascension from mortal sage realm to earth sage realm looked like a minor step on the surface, Jiang Chen could feel that his strength had undergone a major growth. But despite feeling the vigor of an ascension coursing through his veins, Jiang Chen wasn’t entirely satisfied with this outcome, “It’s still not enough. I may be able to fight against a peak level sage realm cultivator, and I may even have a real chance to win against one, but an emperor realm cultivator would still be beyond my personal ability.”

Jiang Chen had keenly felt the lack of his martial strength ever since entering Veluriyam Capital. Even a random bystander at Veluriyam Capital...

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