Chapter 786: Imperial Advent Defense Talisman

Chapter 786: Imperial Advent Defense Talisman

Wei Tianxiao was secretly delighted with how things had turned out. For him, the fact that Jiang Chen, a guest pill king of House Wei, had become sworn brothers with young master Ji San, would provide nothing but benefits. With this, they’d inadvertently drawn closer to the Coiling Dragon Clan. He hurriedly replied, “I’ll make the necessary arrangements immediately. Jie’er, accompany me. As brothers, Pill King Zhen and young master Ji San will undoubtedly have things to discuss.”

Wei Jie nodded and followed his father out of the secret chamber. Jiang Chen was inwardly satisfied after seeing how considerate the father and son were. As a person capable of leading the family to its current ninth rank status, Wei Tianxiao had a decent grasp of the atmosphere.

The house lord had understood Jiang Chen no longer needed to hide his identity from the young master now that they were about to become sworn brothers. And so, he’d actively withdrawn to allow them space for such a conversation. Their absence would more or less reduce the potential awkwardness.

Young master Ji San, however, wasn’t one to look too deeply into such things and was positively brimming with delight, “Brother Zhen, I, Ji Ole Third, am a free and easy-going person. I’m also known for my love...

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