Chapter 785: Becoming Sworn Brothers

Chapter 785: Becoming Sworn Brothers

Thanks to the Coiling Dragon Clan’s powerful protection, several devious plots that the Majestic Clan hatched in secret didn’t come to fruition. Jiang Chen took advantage of the security to make sufficient preparation for his upcoming lectures. He organized many Deviant Pill Faction case studies and materials. He lectured for four hours straight every day for three days in a row. On the first day, there were only around two thousand people who came to listen. On the next day, the number swelled to roughly four thousand. As the saying went, news passed quickly from mouth to mouth.

On the third day, he had more than tens of thousands of listeners. Seeing how popular Jiang Chen’s lectures were, Taiyuan Tower took the opportunity to promote their creations to the crowd. They sold all the pills they promoted and took advance orders, filling up the books for the next half year.

This popularity made the Wei father and son grin from ear to ear. For a time, they were flooded with emotions as they watched Jiang Chen lecturing eloquently from a speaker’s platform. They never imagined that a mere coincidence would bring a completely twist the fate of House Wei.

Thanks to Jiang Chen, House Wei had successfully suppressed their civil strife.

Thanks to Jiang Chen, House Wei had won back the Coiling...

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