Chapter 784: The Level of Alertness Rises

Chapter 784: The Level of Alertness Rises

Ji San was stupefied at Pill King Lu Feng’s sudden outburst. "...You want him to be your master?" The suspicion was clear on his face.

"Yes! What kind of expression are you making? Is finding a master for Ole Lu so off-limits?" Lu Feng was a little displeased.

"It's not that it's off-limits, it’s just …" Ji San smiled wryly. He left the rest of his words unsaid, turning to Jiang Chen instead. "Pill King Zhen, as people go, Pill King Lu Feng is fairly genuine. He has always come and gone alone in Veluriyam Capital, and conducted only his business. He is not subservient to another faction."

Though Ji San was not openly pleading with him, it was nevertheless a subtle request on the pill king’s behalf. Pill King Lu Feng's eyes brightened at his words, and looked appreciatively at Ji San. "Yes, yes, I mean absolutely no malice. Young master Ji San can vouch on my behalf. Besides, with Taiyuan Tower so recently established, you still need people, right? I am a pill-refining fanatic, and I would be just as happy to help you out as an assistant! If you are still not convinced, feel free to order Ole Lu about as you see fit for a decade or so. It won’t be too late for...

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