Chapter 781: A Grand Victory

Chapter 781: A Grand Victory

Wang Teng was indeed able to act according to his status as a young clan head. He didn’t lose his temper, even though his fury and indignation were dangerously close to erupting. He was especially upset after noticing Ji San’s secret arrangements. He knew that the unexpectedly silent young master was definitely waiting for him to commit an irredeemable act.

Ji San would definitely grasp the opportunity to relentlessly attack Wang Teng as soon as the latter turned hostile. And with that, Wang Teng would’ve fallen right into the opponent’s trap. His dark expression made no secret of his anger, but his voice was still as indifferent as ever. “A gambler must be willing to accept losses, but House Lord Tong’s words just now are not without reason. I’m not questioning the judges, but the intentions of this pill king from House Wei. Does no one find it odd that this man of unknown origins suddenly shows up at our Veluriyam Capital and starts stirring up trouble? I’m beginning to suspect him of being a spy dispatched by some other power. Otherwise, how could such a pill dao genius be unknown?”

This slander was executed rather poorly, but implicating Jiang Chen was better than offending...

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