Chapter 780: Victory Decided

Chapter 780: Victory Decided

On the other side, Pill King Rong was completely focused and unaware of the changes in the outside world. He was currently overflowing with confidence since he seemed to have reached past his limits in performance.

“With my current speed, I can absolutely analyze seven out of nine pills before this round is over. If I could finish the analysis of seven pills, then not even a high rank pill king can defeat me. Perhaps the greatest ninth rank pill king could beat me in this regard, but that second rank pill king of House Wei is just a poor fellow who relies on tricks to attain victory. His true colors will be revealed this round!” Pill King Rong was full of confidence. Unfortunately, he had no idea that the entire world was being shaken outside.

Fortunately for him, the round hadn’t ended yet so he hadn’t walked out of his own accord. According to the rules, no one was allowed to disturb him until the allotted time had passed or he walked out. Moreover, Jiang Chen’s answer couldn’t be inspected until the judges had accepted Pill King Rong’s answer too. That was why the final result wasn’t announced yet, even though the reactions outside had almost turned riotous.

That being said, everyone...

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