Chapter 779: Jiang Chen’s Full Potential

Chapter 779: Jiang Chen’s Full Potential

Pill King Rong perked to attention at those words. Back in the first round of the second stage, they’d been given the task of composing recipes with the provided ingredients. Then, he’d considered the round as good as won, since dissecting and composing recipes was his forte, his favorite and most well versed field of study. But fate had dealt them the Ingenious Decan Enigma, which happened to be something his opponent was highly proficient in. Even though he had acquitted himself well, the opponent had bested him that round by sheer luck, comparable to a blind cat who’d chanced upon a dead mouse.

Now they were being asked to analyze the components of the provided pills. This was simply the first test in reverse. Regardless of the direction, this was still the field he was most confident in. Furthermore, this round didn’t depend on any single judge because all of them would be involved in the test. This greatly reduced the chances of his opponent encountering a fortunate situation. You might know one of them by chance. But what are the odds of knowing two or three?

There were a total of nine pills. The chances of knowing them all by chance were simply too low. Pill King Rong felt...

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