Chapter 769: Wang Teng, You Can’t Afford the Bet?

Chapter 769: Wang Teng, You Can’t Afford the Bet?

Jiang Chen didn't care what the bystanders thought. His gaze was so intense that Wang Teng found it difficult to avert his eyes. One was an unknown pill master, and the other was a young lord of one of Veluriyam Capital's foremost clans. For any normal person, the two weren’t even on the same level. But, to everyone's surprise, the guest pill king of House Wei was fearlessly looking straight at Wang Teng.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen smacked his forehead with a laugh. "I almost forgot. The store opposite isn't actually the Majestic Clan's property. I don't think young clan lord Wang can actually make any decisions here. Well now, since you can't afford to make the bet, let's pretend I didn't say anything." Jiang Chen's words took a drastically different turn, tugging at the hearts of their onlookers yet again.

What was this? From his tone, it seemed that House Wei's guest pill king really did want to pick a fight with the Majestic Clan. He really wasn’t an undercover agent? The challenge wasn't particularly clever, but it was still sharp as a sword. The attack was a direct jab at Wang Teng, who found it difficult...

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