Chapter 766: Jiang Chen Loses His Cool

Chapter 766: Jiang Chen Loses His Cool

Tong Kun knew that the young lord was of a mind to work over the Wei father and son when he heard those words. He chuckled and put on a scathing tone, “There might be some things you’re unaware of, young clan lord. That father and son across the street are actually people of some importance. They’re actually a ninth ranked aristocratic house—House Wei under the Coiling Dragon Clan’s banner.”

“House Wei?” Wang Teng was nonplussed. “Isn’t House Wei a premier house beneath the Coiling Dragon clan? How could they sink to such a depth?”

“Who knows? Perhaps they’ve been irrelevant in the area of pills for too long and have thrown away the dignity befitting a ninth ranked aristocratic house. Maybe the desire for money has driven them crazy?” Tong Xianwei chuckled. “Young clan lord, please come this way. There’s no need to dirty your ears with this kind of talk.”

Wang Ten sighed on purpose, gracing the Wei father and son with a look of grave disappointment as he lifted his feet to walk inside.

“Pretentious posers,” Jiang Chen smirked coldly. House Wei didn’t even bother accompanying those two words; it was everything they wanted to say....

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