Chapter 765: The Aggrieved Wei Father and Son

Chapter 765: The Aggrieved Wei Father and Son

You destroyed my sect, stole my pill recipe, and now use my things to strut in front of my doors. Even Buddha struck back after being hit thrice! How could Jiang Chen possibly take all of this lying down?

“Majestic Clan… you’ve truly enraged me!” Jiang Chen’s smile turned vicious in his anger. He looked at the Wei father and son as he remarked faintly, “Come what may. We’ll just do our part well and react accordingly to other matters.”

His tone may have sounded calm, but the flames of his rage had thoroughly been stoked. He was already crafting his counterattack. It was at this time that another large disturbance broke out outside. It seems that many voices had risen in anger. “Let’s go take a look.” Jiang Chen’s expression darkened as he led the way.

Outside the door, those of Taiyuan Tower were furiously yelling at those from across the street. None of the ten sage realm cultivators Jiang Chen had chosen were easy characters. They’d all rolled up their sleeves and were having the time of their lives cussing at the workers across the street. The opposing party wasn’t...

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