Chapter 764: Bad News Before the Day of Opening

Chapter 764: Bad News Before the Day of Opening

“Why do you say that?” Wei Jie’s heart suddenly pounded when he heard Jiang Chen’s serious tone.

Jiang Chen had been considering this matter along the way and analyzed it repeatedly. When he added Wang Teng and his group’s behavior at the auction to his analysis, he couldn’t help but smell a thick sense of conspiracy, one that had to do with him. “Young master Wei, don’t you think Wang Teng’s actions were a little strange today?” Jiang Chen asked. Surprised, Wei Jie pondered for a moment, but couldn’t figure out Jiang Chen’s meaning.

“Why did Wang Teng try to induce Sikou Nan and young master Ji San to bid for the Longevity Pill? Moreover, Wang Teng didn’t look like he was just trying to anger or embarrass young master Ji San. It felt that he was trying to build marketing momentum for the Longevity Pill,” Jiang Chen’s tone was serious.

Wei Jie’s expression changed the moment he heard this. He was quick to pick up on things, and he immediately comprehended Jiang Chen’s implied meaning. “Brother Zhen, you mean… that the auction of the Longevity Pill was planned by Wang Teng all along?” Wei Jie was quite shocked by this revelation.

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes slightly and spoke in a frigid tone, “I hope it’s just my...

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