Chapter 763: News of the Pine Crane Pill

Chapter 763: News of the Pine Crane Pill

It was obvious that Jiang Chen’s sudden reveal of something this stunning had greatly surprised both young masters. The appearance of the Longevity Pill had already caused a sizable shock to the pill industry, despite the fact that it could only extend the life of a sage realm cultivator. It was amazing, but it wasn’t so great that it could overturn the entire pill industry. But to claim that there was a pill that could extend even the life of an emperor realm cultivator? If such a pill truly existed in the world, wouldn’t the order of pill dao be shattered that very instant?

Even someone as widely read as young master Ji San couldn’t help but feel that Jiang Chen’s claims were over the top. He couldn’t help but doubt. “Pill King Zhen, I’m not doubting you, but is there really such an amazing pill in this world?”

“I really don’t know if such a pill exists in this world, but that extraordinary master of mine did tell me this. Moreover, he was the one who’d refined the Longevity Pill that I gave you just now. He gifted me just nine words: The world is big, and its wonders are endless.”

Both young master Ji San and Wei Jie exchanged a glance. They almost believed Jiang Chen completely now. The Longevity Pill was a piece of solid evidence...

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