Chapter 762: The Generous Young Master Ji San

Chapter 762: The Generous Young Master Ji San

Jiang Chen saw the young master waiting for them outside the entrance, but didn’t approach him. Instead, he sent a message, “Let’s find a quiet place to speak, young master Ji San.”

Young master Ji San waved his paper fan and showed no change on his expression despite having heard Jiang Chen’s voice. A moment later, he transmitted, “Wei Jie, I’ll be booking a table at Little Leisurely Clouds. Follow me there.”

Little Leisurely Clouds was an extremely high class restaurant in Veluriyam Capital. It was an exquisitely built building at a quiet location, and its rules of reception was exceptionally strict. It wasn’t a place where common folk could get a table. In fact, even a ninth rank aristocratic family member might not be able to reserve a table in Little Leisurely Clouds. Only a great clan member could reserve a table for certain. Even Jiang Chen was a little surprised when he arrived at Little Leisurely Clouds with Wei Jie. He didn’t think that such a tasteful restaurant existed in a place as expensive as Veluriyam Capital. Situated between hills and rivers, the restaurant gave off an incredibly pleasing atmosphere. From Wei Jie’s reaction, it would appear that even he didn’t have the chance to frequent Little Leisurely Clouds often. The duo had just arrived at the entrance when a steward welcomed...

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