Chapter 761: The Goldencrown Cloudcrane

Chapter 761: The Goldencrown Cloudcrane

One had to admit, the scene which young master Ji San had delivered a sound face slapping to Wang Teng had been very memorable. The feverish atmosphere of the auction instantly chilled the moment he upped the bid. Although Wang Teng still wanted to cross paths against young master Ji San a little longer, he was once bitten, twice shy. He too was worried that he would be tricked by the young master again. Most importantly, they had reached the bottom of their pockets after the farce that was the Longevity Pill. There was no way he could afford tens of millions for the Skysnatcher Cauldron.

Two great clan members at the back tentatively increased the price twice for the cauldron, but both their attempts were thwarted by a Ji San who looked like he would devour them alive. In the end, young master Ji San successfully took home the Skysnatcher Cauldron at the price of fifty six million saint spirit stones. Although Joined Ridges Pavilion young master wasn’t too pleased with this final price, it was almost at his target goal. Most importantly, he couldn’t fault young master Ji San for winning the bid. The Longevity Pill wouldn’t have ended at such an insane price if young master Ji San hadn’t competed for it.

Jiang Chen let out a sigh of relief when...

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