Chapter 760: The Skysnatcher Cauldron

Chapter 760: The Skysnatcher Cauldron

Young master Ji smiled easily, “Little brat Wang, I was fully aware you would come up with this trick, I played along with your bidding just now merely to tease you. What Longevity Pill, our Clan obtained it a long time ago already! What need do I have to squander money here for no reason? I hear that your Majestic Clan has earned quite a fortune with underhanded methods these years, so I think you guys are better suited the part of being the foolish buyer, hahaha!”

With young master Ji's sudden withdrawal, he could posture any way he wanted. His words immediately caused an uproar. Sure enough, there were schemes a-plenty between the scions of great clans. Everyone thought at the start that Wang Teng was the one toying with young master Ji, baiting him hook, line, and sinker like a fisherman. But no one imagined the one fishing was young master Ji instead, and the Majestic Clan had been the ones reeled in like a sucker!

This spectacular play had been a perfect face slapping and counter face slapping! Wang Teng was struck utterly dumb. He was very dubious about the truth of young master Ji’s words. However, what about it even if young master...

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