Chapter 76: Make Them Suffer Thoroughly (Teaser)

Chapter 76: Make Them Suffer Thoroughly

“Heh heh, your Highness, a demonstration between the heirs doesn’t affect the greater picture. The princess is of a higher status, and wields great power. Many large and small matters are awaiting your attention, why be bothered with these small things?” Long Yinye smiled faintly, and could actually so speak boldly and with confidence in the presence of Princess Gouyu.

“Huh. Do you think I have no eyes or ears, nor have an idea of what’s going on here? Ever since Jiang Chen appeared, all of you have jeered and mocked him, backing him up against a wall, undoubtedly to make Jiang Chen embarrass himself. The so-called dukes of the first rank of the kingdom have this breadth of mind? Afraid of the competition posed by those beneath you, and thus must use these methods to oppress the competition?” Princess Gouyu had snatched at the opportunity to argue a point to death.

Her string of words made Hong Tongtian force a wry smile.

“So the princess had been listening from the shadows for quite a while. Then you should’ve heard clearly that it was Jiang Chen who issued the challenge, not others.” Long Yinye shrugged his shoulders.

“Yes, I also remember that it was Jiang Chen who first proposed the idea of a match. He said it was to provide entertainment for everyone.”

Hong Tiantong spoke with a...

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