Chapter 759: Face Slapping and Counter Face Slapping

Chapter 759: Face Slapping and Counter Face Slapping

Indeed, young master Ji couldn't stop midway; he could only keep riding the tiger. How could he be ignorant that this was an act with Wang Teng as the director? The goal was to make him lose his composure, make him fight over the Longevity Pills for ten times their worth, and to give him a vicious slap on the face. However, Ji San had no other choice.

He was also aware that these Longevity Pills might not be of any use to the clan lord. Only, even one chance in a million was still a hope. He didn't want to let go of that hope. After all, Coiling Dragon's clan lord had tried countless methods during these years, but the only thing he’d gained for his efforts was disappointment, more disappointment, and endless, boundless disappointment. As for the Coiling Dragon Clan, once celebrated as the undisputed foremost clan, it was now in imminent danger.

Various influences and factions within the clan were already engaged in an endless power struggle, trying to take advantage of the clan lord’s imminent demise to seize his seat. Meanwhile, the aristocratic houses under the Coiling Dragon Clan were also uncertain which path they ought to walk in the future. There was no sense of security for any of them. One could say that though the Clan wasn't...

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