Chapter 758: Wang Teng's Sinister Scheme

Chapter 758: Wang Teng's Sinister Scheme

“Ten million!” An extremely resonant, unmistakable voice rose at the scene. One could immediately recognize young master Ji from the Coiling Dragon Clan. With this bid, the competition became even more crazy. A leap from seven million straight to ten million! Many noble sons had been eager to give it a try, but such boldness instantly made them throw the flag down in surrender. Are you kidding, ten million! It wasn’t something an average son of a ninth rank aristocratic house could usually afford!

On top of that, judging from young master Ji's attitude, he was clearly determined to win no matter what. His air and manners suggested he would do in anyone who had the gall to go against him. Joined Ridge's young master was flushed with delight when he heard that price. He said, smiling, “Young master Ji's boldness is without compare, instantly catapulting the price to ten million. This extravagance is worthy of the number one heavyweight among all the heavyweights in our Capital! However, is there only one heavyweight in town?” His words were very unsubtle, extremely provocative, even. However, as the foremost auction house, they weren’t afraid of offending anyone.

Indeed, at his goading, another son of a great clan promptly called out,...

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