Chapter 757: Three Longevity Pills!

Chapter 757: Three Longevity Pills!

Space lockdown glyph? That set the crowd on its ear. An escape glyph was an item commonly seen in auctions, but a space lockdown glyph was a rare treasure. They seldom appeared in auctions. But the first item of the day was already a space lockdown glyph. Didn't that instantly elevate today's auction to a whole new level? Even Jiang Chen was rather surprised.

A space lockdown glyph was much more valuable than an escape glyph of the same grade. The first item on auction was already so luxurious, it seemed today's auction would be a high class one indeed. However, Jiang Chen still didn't have much interest for this space lockdown glyph. He did have the one million saint spirit stones, but he wasn't planning on spending them like this. Not to mention, this was merely the starting bid. The price would increase further afterwards.

Indeed, just as he expected, all the rich folk in the Capital were quite crazy. Crazed bidding swiftly drove the price above the two million mark. Jiang Chen couldn't help but admire these people’s pockets. Back then, one Longevity Pill selling for ten million spirit stones had caused a brouhaha across the whole Myriad Domain. Ten million spirit stones was the equivalent of a mere million saint spirit stones. Those moneybags though, they’d casually...

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