Chapter 756: The Young Lord of a Clan

Chapter 756: The Young Lord of a Clan

Just when the situation was looking a little awkward, a new disturbance suddenly started from the crowd. A path automatically appeared in the crowd. A young man dressed in expensive brocade walked over while being escorted by several guards. Jiang Chen immediately recognized this young man at first glance. It was the Wang family descendant he’d seen back at the entrance to House Wei’s shop, the son of the Majestic Clan lord. No wonder he had showed up in such a high profile manner!

“You’re here, Brother Wang. This House Wei boy is a savage! I think he needs a good beating,” Tong Kun shot a malicious glare at Wei Jie.

The young lord of the Majestic Clan slowly walked over. He carried with him the bearing of a superior, so much so that even Jiang Chen was secretly inwardly surprised. This young lord of the Majestic Clan actually seemed to be as powerful as the Ninesuns Sky Sect’s true disciple, Cao Jin!

If the descendent of a clan could possess the cultivation level of one of the ten true Ninesuns Sky Sect disciples, then what about the seven emperor’s successors and the true emperor level young lords of Veluriyam Capital? For a moment, even Jiang Chen was impressed by Veluriyam Capital’s strength. He had only a vague idea as to how much stronger Veluriyam Capital...

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