Chapter 755: Face Slapping At the Auction

Chapter 755: Face Slapping At the Auction

Wei Jie cheerfully arrived at Jiang Chen's residence the dawn of the second day. "Brother Zhen, father was up the entire night with happiness when he heard that you were willing to become a guest elder for House Wei. He has already prepared to announce the news on the opening day of Taiyuan Tower, as the icing on the proverbial cake. Announcing that you're joining House Wei to all here in the capital and opening the store on the same day… we'll make a grand ceremony out of it!" A joyous expression danced across his face. He was clearly in good spirits.

"Compared to Taiyuan Tower's opening, the ceremony is of lesser importance. Preparations must be made, lest a few select stubborn ones come to cause trouble," Jiang Chen smiled back.

"Father has thought of this as well. Certain precautions are already being put into place. Brother Zhen, the auction will start soon. Here are a hundred thousand saint spirit stones, as a token of our sincerity to you. Perhaps it will be useful at today's auction. I have word from father that I can call for up to five hundred thousand saint...

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