Chapter 754: Long Xiaoxuan About to Break Through

Chapter 754: Long Xiaoxuan About to Break Through

Wei Jie's mood had clearly been agitated. He seemed a little emotional. Jiang Cheng could understand Wei Jie's dejection. House Wei had been collateral damage in this matter from the very beginning, the most innocent of victims. The Coiling Dragon Clan lord might have been somewhat affected, but as a man with his cultivation on the eve of dissipating, it would take a heaven-defying method to reverse fate.

“Young master Jie, in your situation, you should in fact clearly explain yourself to the clan lord.” There were only so many suggestions Jiang Chen could offer.

“The clan leader is magnanimous. He is aware of our House's loyalty. However, those beneath him don't share the same views. People in the clan, and also the noble houses under the clan's banner were jealous of our House's status to begin with. They wouldn't pass by an opportunity to supplant us. They slander and suppress us again and again. Even if we're innocent, their wagging tongues make us guilty.”

Jiang Chen was also aware of the effects of slander. Situations like these truly couldn't be explained away with a few words. House Wei's awkward situation wasn't one that could be overturned with the wave of a hand.

Wei Jie suddenly thought of something, his eyes betraying a little hope and eagerness. “Brother...

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