Chapter 753: An Astonishing Secret

Chapter 753: An Astonishing Secret

“Let's have the bad news first,” Jiang Chen responded with a faint smile.

Wei Jie tittered, scratched his head, then spoke with a wry smile, “Let me give the good news first, because the bad news is related to the good news.”

Jiang Chen shrugged, “Stop with the nonsense, don’t waste time.”

Wei Jie laughed mischievously. He knew Jiang Chen wasn't truly angry, but he still didn't leave the other hanging any further. He said, “The good news is, the number one auction house in the Capital is going to hold an enormous auction tomorrow. I hear there will be quite a few good items on sale.”

“What about the bad news then?” Jiang Chen frowned.

“The bad news is, our house is only allotted two participating seats.” Wei Jie was obviously somewhat depressed when talking about it.

“What kind of auction is so upscale that even House Wei is only allowed two seats?” Jiang Chen found it hard to fathom. Since it was a large-scale auction, with House Wei's status inside the Capital, they shouldn't have been restricted to so few seats.

Wei Jie responded dejectedly, “This auction's main theme is related to pills. Our House has had a rather weak presence when it comes to pills in the recent past, so it's normal to be overlooked on the invitation list. Giving us two seats is already a show of respect for our status as...

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