Chapter 752: The Veluriyam Pagoda

Chapter 752: The Veluriyam Pagoda

Both the House Tong and Sikou were diehard loyalists to the Majestic Clan, and understandably wanted it to replace the Coiling Dragon Clan's position in the capital.

"Clan lord, I hear that the lord of the Coiling Dragon Clan has entered a bottleneck in his cultivation which he cannot progress past. His lifespan cannot increase, and he has been fully focused on a breakthrough in recent years to do so. Is this rumor true?" The lord of House Tong asked probingly.

Sikou Yuan nodded as well, "I have heard of this rumor also. The Coiling Dragon clan lord is at his wit's end, and his strength has almost left him entirely. There are several others with the qualifications for the next clan lord, accompanied by much internal strife. The Coiling Dragon Clan has no energy to focus on the affairs of the Veluriyam Capital. Is all of this true?"

Though they were only ninth-ranked houses, they were still privy to a few secrets of the great clans. Information about the Coiling Dragon Clan's lord occasionally circulated the upper echelons of the Veluriyam Capital, but its authenticity was never known. They wished to receive a definite answer...

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