Chapter 750: The Coming of The End

Chapter 750: The Coming of The End

Wei Tianxiao had been prepared since the beginning, so he immediately waved a hand and forced Wei Tiantong out of the way almost the instant Wei Tiantong began to move. Wei Tiantong might be strong, but he was still a ways away from House Lord Wei Tianxiao. Wei Tianxiao wasn’t particularly good at managing the house, but he had been able to become House Wei’s lord because of his strong achievements in martial dao and potential. He was currently eighth level emperor realm and the undisputable strongest cultivator in the entirety of House Wei. In fact, he was amongst the top three strongest cultivators out of all the ninth ranked aristocratic houses in Veluriyam Capital! Wei Tiantong attacked several times, but Wei Tianxiao easily blocked all of his attempts.

“What do you mean by this, house lord?” Wei Tiantong frowned.

Wei Tianxiao replied coldly, “I’m the one who should be asking you this question. Why are you getting involved in the battle between two pill masters?” He was a house lord after all, and not lacking in authority as a house lord when he grew angry.

Wei Tiantong responded furiously, “He has already won the battle, so he should end things on a gracious note. But why isn’t he giving his...

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